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Jonathan talks to business and marketing leaders about what’s really going on in ways that are authentic, compelling, and entertaining. Here are just a sample of the topics he’s exploring in 2013:

The Competitive Advantage of Truth

Drawing on research on hundreds of companies across 50+ years of business around the world, Baskin has found the tools for truth-telling that differentiate successful brands from those that simply do marketing, and which work across any and every medium. He makes the case for truth and outlines its 8 core principles in an engaging and entertaining presentation based on his latest book, Tell The Truth, which he co-authored with Sue Unerman. Wired UK magazine called it “…the next big idea in marketing.” Here’s a short video of Jonathan talking to a college audience in late 2012.

The End of Social Media

As contrarian as it might sound, the Social Media Revolution is over: We’re linked and linked again, and our online lives are filled with endless amounts of content. Now, the challenge for brands is to understand the underlying dynamics of social experience, and apply them to the next generation of social marketing. Jonathan, author of The Histories of Social Media has identified those mechanisms over 2,000 years of social history and shares them as actionable lessons in an entertaining and useful presentation. Here’s a link to a video of a webinar he hosted on his book

The Future of Brand Engagement

Now that the social revolution is over, the challenge for brands is to find new and compelling ways to engage with consumers who are busier, more critical, and less interested than ever before in what brands have to say. Jonathan researches and writes about the latest thinking for brands in his column for Advertising Age, where he regularly specifies what works, what doesn’t, and where brands should invest their money going forward. This insightful presentation playfully challenges the conventional wisdom and yields actionable conclusions.

The Mobile Singularity

Smartphones and other mobile devices aren’t just new channels for delivering marketing content to consumers, they’re redefining what, where, and how people make and share decisions. Futurists talk of a “singularity” when everything is connected into a single whole that is smarter than its constituent parts. The funny thing is that much of it is already happening, and Jonathan—a technology watcher and former columnist on brands and tech for Information Week magazine in 2010—talks about how marketers are adapting…and what they should consider doing next.

Brand Curation: From Collecting to Meaning

Museums are among the most highly respected institutions in our societies today, yet the brands that talk about “curating” marketing and informational content are rarely aware of the principles and practices on which museums are based. Jonathan, a Senior Fellow Emeritus at the Smithsonian’s National Museum of American History, has explored those key qualities and developed an overview of curation that covers everything from Renaissance curiosity cabinets to online collections. His talk is a must for brands that want their content to make a difference.

For more information, please send an email to jonathan [at] baskinbrand [dot] com, or call +1 312 725 0261.