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Brands shouldn’t be seen as logos or marketing, but rather the substance of what motivates your customers to buy.

BrandPlan is a fast, focused & proven methodology to identify what matters to your marketplace, develop the best ways to deliver it, and then plan the tools to get it done. It gets done in a matter of weeks what other approaches take months or years to accomplish…with the added benefit of having proven to deliver business results over ten years of application and improvement. Learn more





Your customers are looking for the truth, and now there’s a methodology for delivering it.

TruthTraining is a workshop based on the key findings of the book Tell The Truth, which surveyed hundreds of leading brands to identify the key strategies for delivering credible, profitable, and sustainable marketing. Truth provides the underlying substance for every eng

agement strategy and marketing tactic, whether you acknowledge it or not. Creating true understanding with your customers is also the  ultimate source of competitive advantage. Learn more





Identify and manage all of the variables that will make your ideas more likely to succeed.

IdeaEngine enables you to assign values to all of the qualities that help make the difference between success and failure, but that most marketers don’t address. It’s agnostic to big creative ideas, and it’s no guarantee that something will work, but its 95 questions let you better control the things you can (and should) control, giving you an actual probability score for likely success. Don’t better ideas deserve a better chance of winning? Learn more





Your curated content should built a lasting component of your brand integrity and strength. 

CuratorCamp empowers you to approach curated content with the collective wisdom and expertise of the nation’s leader museum curators who’ve built lasting institutions that are renowned for their authenticity, credibility, and reliability. Your brand deserves nothing less, so why not benefit from the do’s and don’ts from the people who curate for a living? Learn more






Get everyone co-creating marketing so they will not only support it…but help deliver it.

ConsensusWorkshop acknowledges the fact that many of the most important components of your marketing (and your resulting brand) will come from departments and individuals outside of marketing. Finance, HR, Legal, and the other operational departments should help invent what will happen, and then co-own the execution. From corporate identity to successful events, this tool gets everyone in the room, on the same page, and backing the same outcomes. Learn more





Find more resources for your marketing by getting your company’s leadership thinking differently about the brand.

C-SuiteConnector is new, 21st century model of what BAV and other tools tried to measure in the 20th. It’s simple (10 categories) and it identifies and values behaviors, not opinions or emotions. Need more money or want to protect your budget? This tool allows you to talk to your organization about brand within the business — find where it makes a difference — and thereby take charge of the conversation about marketing. Learn more