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What makes a great marketing idea? A memorable concept? Clutter-busting message? A compelling punchline or payoff? More importantly, how do you compare different ideas, or deconstruct past ones (or those of your competition) so you can make decisions about the best activities to undertake next?

Making those calls is mostly subjective, no matter how much you test and plan. Goals, creative, media choices, and a host of other qualities (like time and space) make each great idea different, which means you often end up looking outside your company for more ideas, hoping that the next one obviously will be the right one.

Many of these ideas get added to the other ideas sitting on the shelf, because there’s no compelling objective trigger to give you the confidence to implement or discard them.

Until now.

Imagine if you could identify the technology constraints that might make your campaign objectives difficult to achieve? How about finding additional behavioral prompts that will turn your otherwise good event into a great one? There are many variables that affect every strategy or tactic, and they deserve to be acknowledged and adjusted to meet your requirements and expectations.

The IdeaEngine is a tool that does just that, and then measures likelihood of success. It’s based on 9 categories of 10 qualities each (with 5 more thrown in for kicks). Its proprietary algorithms give you a literal number — call it your success index — that you can compare and contrast to other numbers on other ideas. It’s not perfect, or a guarantee — it will get smarter as marketers provide feedback into theIdeaEngine community, which will prompt updates for all users — but it gives you an analysis tool that you can add to your reviews of creative power and customer response. It can also be used, like the C-SuiteConnector, to facilitate better, more conversations about within your organization…less promoting and defending, and more collaboration.

The IdeaEngine offering is:

  • A two-hour presentation/dialogue
  • A development package requiring 2-3 hours of client input
  • A virtual meeting to select category details (weighting, etc.)
  • Analysis & development by BaskinBrand, followed by a report (download a Sample Report)
  • A second presentation/dialogue to review findings & next steps
  • One-year membership in the IdeaEngine community includes unlimited use of the tool + regular updates