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When corporate marketers talk about curating, it’s usually in reference to the presentation of content that has no overt commercial purpose. “Curating” is a synonym for “collecting” or “aggregating,” and its guiding principle is that brands possess the authority and credibility to do it. Cosmetics companies can curate information about beauty. Food brands can do so for health. The expectation is that consumers will come to rely on it, and by doing so will strengthen their positive opinions of these businesses when it comes time to buy something.

Yet marketers know very little about what it takes to really curate, as museum experts would define it in regard to an exhibit or subject matter.

Real curators know that it involves peer review, transparency on sourcing, a consistent commitment to a purpose, and a sensitivity to avoiding bias or reinforcing stereotypes, conventions, or other potential distractions (among other qualities). Curating is hard work, not just a word, and museum curators are the unequivocal experts at doing it well. Perhaps it’s why museums have some of the highest trust and credibility ratings of any institutions in America, public or private.

Now’s the time to share that expertise with the marketing world.

CuratorCamp is a half-day intensive immersion in the history, context, and hands-on practice of curating:

  • The history of collecting (From Curiosity to Credibility).
  • A few case histories of museums and how their collections evolved (An Evolving Purpose).
  • The core principles of curating, according to the experts.
  • Workshop activities on each of the principles, and then on the specific curation activities/plans of the brand.
  • A summary of ‘to do’ action items for curating better brand content.

The deliverables for clients of CuratorCamp are:

  1. A deeper understanding of what it takes to curate effectively.
  2. Refined processes for executing those behaviors within and for brands.
  3. Specific, actionable ideas that businesses can implement immediately.