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The funny thing about great brands is that entire businesses are involved in delivering them. No matter how smart or successful you and your fellow marketers might be, the experiences that deliver branding happen across the enterprise. Everyone walks the talk, and most of them talk while they walk.

Further, brands are no longer limited to the stories and other great content you create. Branding comes from (or is influenced by) the activities in human resources, legal, operations, and everywhere else your business does its business. So the people in these areas co-create your brand, whether acknowledged or not.

It just seems like they should be in on creating it from Day One.

The ConsensusWorkshop builds on the principles of the C-SuiteConnector and IdeaEngine to deliver a workshop and process to involve non-marketers in the work of developing marketing. This can range from setting goals — such as “how can we  use the benefits of branding throughout the organization?” — to identifying tactics and activities, some of which may have nothing to do with marketing department effort. By involving a broader team at this point in your work, you help ensure you’ll get different ideas, better refine the one’s marketing produces, and build cooperation and support into the resulting campaigns from the get-go.

The ConsensusWorkshop offering is:

  • A two-hour presentation/dialogue/prep meeting
  • Analysis & development by BaskinBrand
  • A second two-hour prep meeting
  • Facilitation of the workshop
  • Follow-up report for attendees & recommended action steps