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Applying business metrics to brands is always going to be an incomplete way to measure their value.  Intangibles are intangible, by definition, and the ROI of individual marketing actions will never add up to the total return from great branding. This means the disconnect between marketers and the C-suite is systemic, and changing or managing marketing to suit the measurement purposes of C-suite reporting needs isn’t going to produce more successful campaigns, let alone better brands.

So in addition to applying businesses to brands, why not apply brands to businesses and find their effects on the performance of the rest of the enterprise? The C-SuiteConnector provides the tool to create this perspective, customized to the activities and needs of your company. It provides the prompts to explore 10 departments or areas in which you should be able to perceive, quantify, and then track the return on your brand:

  • New Product Development
  • Sourcing
  • Pricing
  • Employment
  • Sustainability
  • Costs
  • Reputation Elasticity
  • Consistency
  • Efficacy
  • Time

The C-SuiteConnector offering is:

  • A two-hour presentation/dialogue
  • A development package requiring 3-4 hours of client input
  • Analysis & development at BaskinBrand, followed by a deliverable of areas to report and/or develop further, and proposed metrics
  • Membership in the ConnectorCommunity, to which period updates will be offered and in which fellow users will share development ideas